Our philosophy is as simple as our products and is based on five pillars:


BACH is one of the last manufacturing companies where the spirit of the outdoor pioneers is still alive. We love what we do and we like being outdoors as often as we can. We design all our packs ourselves. When ever possible we produce a first trial run in our factory in Kilkenny, Ireland. This allows us to avoid major mistakes and to fine tune our new styles. We don't advertise, we hardly print a catalogue but we make 'good stuff' and people know it.


The name BACH is synonymous with functional Outdoor gear. BACH products are lightweight, robustly constructed and feature a minimum of unnecessary techno-baloney. Every BACH Product is developed to meet a specific demand and is the result of years of travelling, climbing and cycling experience. The packs we build are influenced by our experience in the Alps and the mountains of the world season by season.


It is common knowledge that the final product is more than the sum of its parts. You may source the finest materials and come up with the smartest design ever. But it is the skill and pride of the sewing operator which makes the difference between ordinary and outstanding. Our people take pride in what they do. This is why you can expect to buy the best. Regardless of the fact whether a BACH pack is made in Kilkenny, Ireland or in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.


We save the grams where it makes sense. We call a pack perfect when there is nothing left to be taken off. We make the strongest, most functional packs made from the most lightweight yet sturdiest materials. We are quality freaks - also when it comes to the sourcing of our materials.


No pack lasts for ever, but our packs last longer! All BACH gear is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 5 years. During this period we will repair or replace a product at our discretion. Contents of your bag, normal wear and tear, abuse and cosmetic wear and tear are excluded. If BACH built it, BACH will stand behind it.