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Lightweight Constructions - Lightweight by Design

In recent years much has been said and written about lightweight products - BACH is building lightweight gear since 1989! We worship the concept of lightweight by design rather than by the use of skimpy, ultra-lightweight materials.

How light is light?

Do not let yourself being deceived by the light optics of some products. The weight is always measured with a scale, usually expressed in grams or ounces and you will have to carry it for years to come. We also think that one should not get over exited about 200 grams more or less, it simply does not matter!

  • Our Alpine packs weigh all less than 2 kilos, despite the fact that some of them are made up completely from 1000 dn Cordura® Classic.
  • Our M.A.D. suspension system used with our biggest trekking packs has earned its reputation of being the benchmark for high end packs designed to handle weird loads. While providing superb carrying comfort and perfect balance all the M.A.D. packs weigh around 3 kilos and not 4 or 4.5 kilos or even more.
  • The BACH Specialist FA weighs almost one kilo less than similar models made by others.

Compare materials and products carefully before you make up your mind. Always think twice and stick to the 2 most important rules of backpacking:

  • Less is often more. So only buy what you need. What you do not bring along you do not have to carry.
  • Remember: what is not on your pack cannot be ripped off.

You may be tired of slogans like "Function is Beauty" and "Form follows Function". However, we at BACH think, that they are valuable guidelines when designing a pack.

How light is light?