Cargo Bag De Luxe

Cargo Bag De Luxe

Cargo Bag De Luxe 60

Volume: 60 l

Weight: 260 g

Colors: grey

Height: 100 cm

Outline: 124 cm

Footprint: 34x44 cm

Cargo Bag De Luxe 90

Volume: 90 l

Weight: 350 g

Colors: grey

Height: 120 cm

Outline: 144 cm

Footprint: 34x44 cm

Material: 220D Nylon


Travel protection bag with zipper opening allows you to mount your backpack while stowed in the protection bag. The Cargo Bag Deluxe may serve as an additional piece of luggage or as a raincover.


  • zip closure all along the opening
  • BACH Zip Lock System: to be used with a padlock
  • roll top may be fastened with a 50mm velcro 
  • roll top with side release buckles serves as a comfy haul handle
  • u-shaped zipper opening to access suspension system
  • the Cargo Bag De Luxe may serve as a raincover