Transition back system

Transition back system

Weight: 450 g

Colors: black


The TRANSITION carrying system is a great feature if you encounter mucky or slushy roads, not cleaned yet, snowedunder streets or some other unexpected obstacles which are not easily passed with a traditional wheeled luggage.


WOOD N LITE 65 and WOOD N DRIFT 75 come with the comfortable clip-away TRANSITION back system. Because the WOOD N ROLL 95 is a rather big piece of luggage we leave it up to you whether you need a suspension system or not. You can buy it optionally and it is easy to clip-on. With the clip-away TRANSITION carrying system our WOOD N Roll Luggage easily converts into a comfortable trekking pack designed to carry medium weight loads:

  • the 3D-laminated, custom-bent plywood WOOD N frame is body shaped
  • the one layer hip belt is basic but fits well
  • the 10mm thick shoulder straps lay snugly on your shoulders
  • the load control strap can be individually hooked: upper position for tall people, lower position for shorter folks
  • the fully adjustable harness system accomodates any size and shape
  • the TRANSITION Back System is quickly set up and running and as easily stowed away into a zippered pocket when not needed
  • the TRANSITION Back System is easily dismantled. By leaving it at home you save weight and can enjoy an extra spacious and easy accessible zip pocket