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LITE MARE - 35 years of evolution

It all started back in 1986 when Martin Wiesmann and Beat Vogt (both Transa hardware buyers) promised to design a mid-price backpack series for Transa in cooperation with a European backpack manufacturer. At that time Transa had quite some trouble with the quality of the backpacks from Asia. Moreover, as a post-sixties people, it did not suit them very well to exploit workers in developing countries. In short, they launched their first sustainability project! True to the motto experience is overrated, Beat and Martin were convinced that it couldn't be that hard to do better. So they packed three existing backpacks and set off on their journey to Ireland.  The sample work was a pretty wild venture. A thousand great ideas and nobody had a clue of what to do. The Irish knew how to sew and Martin & Beat knew how a finished backpack needed to look. Exactly. Something in between is still missing. The knowledge of the constructor and the competence of the designer. Good things take time. Half a year later Martin & Beat and the BACH crew had the first usable samples of "Travelite", "Overland" and "Power Pack" ready. None of the three models was a masterpiece right from the start. However, they were simple and made of solid 1000D Cordura and with comfortable carrying systems. And above all, they were self-made! They chose KILKENNY as the label for the first Transa special production. Martin & Beat are immensely proud.



But then BACH went into liquidation in 1989, whereby the Swiss takeover allowed the Irish production of backpacks to be maintained. And this brings us to the "Lite Mare", at that time still called "Power Pack" - because of the photo of a muscular man on Helena's machine. But that is another story. As proud BACH owners, from now on BACH labels were of course sewn on all products. And because the Germans wanted more trekking backpacks and less travel packs and BACH increasingly understood something about construction and design, the "Power Pack" became prettier and lighter and more comfortable and eventually became the "Lite Mare". As the legend says because of Caitriona (quote "this f... pack is a nightmare!"), who during pattern sewing did not really enjoy the new back panel. And because it was so complicated to sew, they worked on it until it became really simple and light. The rest is history.

The "Lite Mare" has not only become the BACH Signature product but also by far the most successful backpack from BACH. The continuous input from store employees, great test results, the two additionally introduced women's models and the consistent commitment to keeping it light, simple and comfortable have contributed significantly to this development. We are particularly pleased that the complete re-design of 2018 was able to build on this success. Thus the "Lite Mare" still remains a solid, light and extremely versatile trekking backpack.

Lite Mare History color

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