BACH Sustainability

Sustainability standards

At BACH we care for more than just packs and the well being of your back. We equally care for the environment in which we live our dreams and we feel a strong responsibility for the people who work on our products everywhere in the production chain. This is why we trusted our standards to paper and make sure we live by these standards with every decision we make. It makes designing, producing, testing, selling and using our packs much more fun.

Environmental responsibility

BACH New River
No need in wasting space on explaining why we care about our planet. Trust us, we do. This is how we do it:

Social responsibility

We produce our packs with our dedicated production-partner in Hochiminh City, Vietnam. We go there at least 4 times every year and work closely together on product development and production. We know the people working there and are proud to call some of them friends. It goes without saying that their well being is important to us and we feel the conditions exceed the expectations and minimal rules we live by. Based on the nine best practice rules defined by the Ethical Trading Initiative these rules are always in place in the production facilities:
Want to know more? Get in touch with us and make a visit to see for yourself.

Customer Responsibility

By building comfortable packs that last a long time we want to make sure you can enjoy your pack to the fullest extend. No hassles with products that fail during your long winter trekking in some remote area of the world and no unnecessary backache because of a pack that doesn't fit. If BACH build it, BACH will stand behind it. No matter when you bought it or what happened to it. If we can fix it, we will. If you are one of the few to have found a BACH pack with production or material errors - we will find a solution together. If we feel your malfunctioned pack is still usable by somebody else, we will donate it to a charity of our choosing. Only as a last resort we will strip the pack from everything still useful in sample production before throwing it away.

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