How can I make sure I buy the right size to so it fits my back properly?

You don't have to look into the crystal ball to know which size fits you best. As every person has a different torso length we 

1. Measure your personal torso length.

2. then check the corresponding pack size based on the model you want.


For a perfect fit and more comfort also check out how to make the right adjustments (scroll down) to your pack.

What does BACH mean?

BACH  - one could say it's german. Or that it originates from sharing the brilliance of the same-named classical composer. Again, others just don't care.

In case you do, it's actually simple: at the time the company was established in Ireland it seemed cool and fun to name oneself with a german-sounding expression (as did the english company 'Berghaus'). And in combination with a extraordinary sense of linguistic jokes the founders named themself BACH. BACHpack. BACKpack. backpack. You get it. 

Where do we create and produce our packs?

We design, test and build all the prototypes of our products in Zurich, Switzerland. Until 2019 we had a small production in Kilkenny, Ireland and the main production is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

What makes a BACHpack stand out?

We have been producing our backpacks for over 40 years. And the fascination remains. We stand for clear and simple concepts and good products developed in practice. We do not want frills or loops - BACH stands for robust, comfortable and elaborate backpack solutions.

What are the warranty terms?

All BACH gear is warranted against defects in material and workmanshipfor a period of 5 years after purchase. Normal wear and tear such as brokenbuckles or worn out zips cannot be claimed under this warranty. The lifespanyou can reasonably expect depends rather on the amount of abuse your packgets than on the actual age as such. But don’t worry: If BACHbuilt it, BACH will stand behind it.

Can I buy BACH products online?

Yes, you can. But not directly on our site. Many of the BACH dealers offer the possibility to buy our products online. Find dealers HERE.

Does BACH have specifically designed Women's backpacks? And how do they differ?

Women's components generally contain

1. a slightly shorter and more contoured hip belt

2. a less wide shoulder harness and more contoured to better follow the more slanted shoulders of women

If detachable, components (shoulder straps & hip belt) can be individually customized to fit your needs. Additionally, the aluminum stay can be bent to fit your back.


Compare our Women's models HERE.

Should I put my backpack into the washing machine?

No - a backpack is best cleaned in the bathtub with a cloth and brush and air dried. Do not tumble dry and do not lay it on the heater.

To find more about how to treat your backpack, click HERE.


Help! The foam in my backpanel is falling apart, what can I do?

No worries. It is completely normal for foam to disintegrate after 15-20 years. You can extend the lifespan by storing your pack in normal conditions (not too dry, not too moist) and in the dark, best not compressed. But ultimately, there is no stopping it. There are great advantages in using  porous foam for backpanels like breathability and comfort but ultimately it gets old and disintegrates. But let`s talk solutions. When we design our packs we always keep longevity in mind. Not only by choosing premium materials and by way of construction but also by being able to repair and replace the parts that are most likely to need this. This is part of our DNA and our desire to repair rather than to replace. This means we actually design our products in a way that makes repairing and replacing parts possible and makes sense economically.    If you experience disintegrating foam of your backpanel, the best thing to do is contact the BACH repair center nearest to you (see HERE). They will confirm if the right foam is on stock and they can tell you the cost. It is up to you to decide to send and repair or to replace your pack.

How sustainable are BACH products?

BACH backpacks are thoughtfully and logically designed. This makes them both extremely robust and easy to repair. All materials used are Bluesign® certified. For our backpacks we use PFC-free alternative DWR (durable water repellent) from HeiQ Eco Dry. In addition, our social responsibility in the production facilities is based on the rules of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI).

Click HERE for more information.