Backpack Concepts

Our foundation

Making a pack is easy. Making a pack better needs some creativity and expertise. Making a great pack, however, needs elaborate concepts to build upon.

General Concepts

One suspension system to rule them all!

No.  There's no such thing from our point of view at all. Your individual adventures are way too diverse - from the North Pole expedition to the alpine hike to the everyday backpack, every use has its own unique requirements.BACH backpacks, in particular, have their own individual combinations of back panels, foam, aluminium stays, fabrics, seams and threads.  Ultimately, however, all BACH backsystems have a common feature: they are carefully designed to be comfortable.  Where one backsystem lets you carry your 40kg heavy equipment over the Icelandic plains for days and days, the other one fits perfectly on your back on the daily bike route to work.  Find out more here.


In recent years much has been said and written about lightweight products - BACH is building lightweight gear since 1989! We worship the concept of lightweight by design rather than by the use of skimpy, ultra-lightweight materials.


Technical Concepts


We decided to call our bad weather series WEATHERPROOF and not waterproof. For two reasons:


  1. in order to improve every day handling the new packs all have waterproofed main chambers combined with not waterproofed features and pockets (e.g. to separately store a wet tent from your dry stuff)
  2. our personal experience shows that rolltops are perfectly protecting your stuff from rain in general, but they all ultimately leak when used for swimming or for instance, kayaking.


3D Smart Divider (3DSD)

Perfect Load Control - Optimized Carrying Comfort

The BACH 3D SMART DIVIDER is a clever solution that solves the very common problem of heavy stuff wanting to sink to the bottom of your pack. You want heavy stuff to stay close to your back for the most comfortable carrying experience.

Air-ventilated contact suspension system

Maximum breathability, control and comfort

The closer the pack is to our back, the better. It gives us most control over our backpack as the weight stays close to us. Pressure points are minimized due to a higher contact surface.