BRS Accessory Bag

Organize yourself. The multipurpose organizer pouch ACCESSORY BAG can be used as a fold-up travel hygiene bag, organizer, storage pouch for your electronic charging equipment, first aid kit, pipe and tobacco pouch or as a handbag during your travels. A nylon cord allows optional carrying over your shoulder and comes in handy when you like to hang up your travel hygiene bag e.g. in a shower.

Volume: 2 l
Weight: 185 g
BACH Accessory Bag

BACH Accessory Bag


The details make the difference
easily stowable shoulder straps allow you to transform the Magic Duffel into a backpack
s-shaped padded shoulder straps
420 HT Nylon reinforced 260T Baby Ripstop Nylon: rugged material but still very lightweight
easily packable into its own inside pocket (8x 28 x 15cm)
2 side pockets
long zip-pocket is also accessible without opening the main compartment
padded handles

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