ATLAS Lightweight series

Our lightweight series of packs

There are many ways to bring the weight of packs down and we have our own unique ways of doing that. BACH has a proven track record of producing some of the lightest products seen on the market. At the same time our products are well known for their durabilty and comfort. We have been saving weight on our products for years by consequently stripping them from everything that you don’t need. At the same time, we carefully invest weight in the right places and by doing so we assure a longer lifetime and a more comfortable carrying experience.  For our new ATLAS range of products, we took a bold step forward. The goal was to find a new balance for our three key-pillars: durability, robustness and comfort by using new materials and finding new solutions in design. Instead of focussing on robust and comfortable yet light we decided to put on a different pair of glasses and turn it around: lightweight yet robust and comfortable. This might be a nuance for many but a giant leap for us. It enabled us to question everything, yet stay true to our philosophy and principles.

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