Wizard Security Pro 27

The PRO version of the popular WIZARD daypack is widely used by building engineers, supervisors, tunnel builders, search and rescue teams and other people with jobs where being seen is a key safety issue.

Volume: 27 l
Weight: 1250 g
Back Length: 50 cm
BACH Wizard Security Pro
BACH Wizard Security Pro
BACH Wizard Security Pro



The details make the difference
signal colour and 3M reflector suitable for building site
3 point Witch-Flap with Scotchlite reflector
helmet can be stored under the Witch-Flap
2 front net pockets
the WIZARD SECURITY PRO is equipped with a large back plate so that the self-rescuer does not press into the back when wearing it.
shoulder- and chest strap
BACH Wizard Security Pro



Designed for small loads. Padded backsystem. breathable and waterresistant soft foam. Some models come with a hipbelt to increase the overall fit.


1000D Cordura®

1000D CORDURA® Classic fabric is the toughest material BACH uses and is extremely abrasive and tear resistant. The yarn is air-texturised creating a matt and structured appearance. Provided a proper weaving pattern is being used CORDURA® Classic fabric is a good bit more abrasion resistant than oxford nylon or polyester fabrics of a similar weight. With adding only 30% of extra weight 1000D CORDURA® Classic fabric shows a tensile strength which is about 2.5 times stronger than the one of 500D oxford nylon.


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